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authorNicolas Pitre <>2005-05-30 01:52:19 (GMT)
committerLinus Torvalds <>2005-05-31 00:37:20 (GMT)
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[PATCH] mkdelta enhancements (take 2)
Although it was described as such, git-mkdelta didn't really attempt to find the best delta against any previous object in the list, but was only able to create a delta against the preceeding object. This patch reworks the code to fix that limitation and hopefully makes it a bit clearer than before, including fixing the delta loop detection which was broken. This means that git-mkdelta sha1 sha2 sha3 sha4 sha5 sha6 will now create a sha2 delta against sha1, a sha3 delta against either sha2 or sha1 and keep the best one, a sha4 delta against either sha3, sha2 or sha1, etc. The --max-behind argument limits that search for the best delta to the specified number of previous objects in the list. If no limit is specified it is unlimited (note: it might run out of memory with long object lists). Also added a -q (quiet) switch so it is possible to have 3 levels of output: -q for nothing, -v for verbose, and if none of -q nor -v is specified then only actual changes on the object database are shown. Finally the git-deltafy-script has been updated accordingly, and some bugs fixed (thanks to Stephen C. Tweedie for spotting them). This version has been toroughly tested and I think it is ready for public consumption. Signed-off-by: Nicolas Pitre <> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
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-# Script to deltafy an entire GIT repository based on the commit list.
+# Example script to deltafy an entire GIT repository based on the commit list.
# The most recent version of a file is the reference and previous versions
# are made delta against the best earlier version available. And so on for
-# successive versions going back in time. This way the delta overhead is
-# pushed towards older version of any given file.
-# NOTE: the "best earlier version" is not implemented in mkdelta yet
-# and therefore only the next eariler version is used at this time.
-# TODO: deltafy tree objects as well.
+# successive versions going back in time. This way the increasing delta
+# overhead is pushed towards older versions of any given file.
# The -d argument allows to provide a limit on the delta chain depth.
-# If 0 is passed then everything is undeltafied.
+# If 0 is passed then everything is undeltafied. Limiting the delta
+# depth is meaningful for subsequent access performance to old revisions.
+# A value of 16 might be a good compromize between performance and good
+# space saving. Current default is unbounded.
+# The --max-behind=30 argument is passed to git-mkdelta so to keep
+# combinations and memory usage bounded a bit. If you have lots of memory
+# and CPU power you may remove it (or set to 0) to let git-mkdelta find the
+# best delta match regardless of the number of revisions for a given file.
+# You can also make the value smaller to make it faster and less
+# memory hungry. A value of 5 ought to still give pretty good results.
+# When set to 0 or ommitted then look behind is unbounded. Note that
+# git-mkdelta might die with a segmentation fault in that case if it
+# runs out of memory. Note that the GIT repository will still be consistent
+# even if git-mkdelta dies unexpectedly.
set -e
[ "$1" == "-d" ] && depth="--max-depth=$2" && shift 2
+function process_list() {
+ if [ "$list" ]; then
+ echo "Processing $curr_file"
+ echo "$head $list" | xargs git-mkdelta $depth --max-behind=30 -v
+ fi
git-rev-list HEAD |
-git-diff-tree -r --stdin |
-awk '/^:/ { if ($5 == "M" || $5 == "N") print $4, $6 }' |
+git-diff-tree -r -t --stdin |
+awk '/^:/ { if ($5 == "M" || $5 == "N") print $4, $6;
+ if ($5 == "M") print $3, $6 }' |
LC_ALL=C sort -s -k 2 | uniq |
while read sha1 file; do
if [ "$file" == "$curr_file" ]; then
list="$list $sha1"
- if [ "$list" ]; then
- echo "Processing $curr_file"
- echo "$head $list" | xargs git-mkdelta $depth -v
- fi
+ process_list
+curr_file="root directory"
+ git-rev-list HEAD |
+ while read commit; do
+ git-cat-file commit $commit |
+ sed -n 's/tree //p;Q'
+ done
+ )"