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authorJunio C Hamano <>2006-03-17 22:08:39 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2006-03-17 22:10:16 (GMT)
commit8a5f2eac5271ba1efed353c0c0a992d6471a8d05 (patch)
treee9b9c77a62d617acb5cc1484e62f46a09af2c0d0 /git-cvsimport.perl
parent53dc4636275c966bb0781709fd0dded1cced4458 (diff)
cvsimport: honor -i and non -i upon subsequent imports
Documentation says -i is "import only", so without it, subsequent import should update the current branch and working tree files in a sensible way. "A sensible way" defined by this commit is "act as if it is a git pull from foreign repository which happens to be CVS not git". So: - If importing into the current branch (note that cvsimport requires the tracking branch is pristine -- you checked out the tracking branch but it is your responsibility not to make your own commits there), fast forward the branch head and match the index and working tree using two-way merge, just like "git pull" does. - If importing into a separate tracking branch, update that branch head, and merge it into your current branch, again, just like "git pull" does. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 files changed, 17 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/git-cvsimport.perl b/git-cvsimport.perl
index 02d1928..6c0f5d2 100755
--- a/git-cvsimport.perl
+++ b/git-cvsimport.perl
@@ -453,6 +453,7 @@ chdir($git_tree);
my $last_branch = "";
my $orig_branch = "";
my %branch_date;
+my $tip_at_start = undef;
my $git_dir = $ENV{"GIT_DIR"} || ".git";
$git_dir = getwd()."/".$git_dir unless $git_dir =~ m#^/#;
@@ -487,6 +488,7 @@ unless(-d $git_dir) {
$last_branch = "master";
$orig_branch = $last_branch;
+ $tip_at_start = `git-rev-parse --verify HEAD`;
# populate index
system('git-read-tree', $last_branch);
@@ -873,7 +875,21 @@ if (defined $orig_git_index) {
# Now switch back to the branch we were in before all of this happened
if($orig_branch) {
- print "DONE; you may need to merge manually.\n" if $opt_v;
+ print "DONE.\n" if $opt_v;
+ if ($opt_i) {
+ exit 0;
+ }
+ my $tip_at_end = `git-rev-parse --verify HEAD`;
+ if ($tip_at_start ne $tip_at_end) {
+ print "Fetched into the current branch.\n" if $opt_v;
+ system(qw(git-read-tree -u -m),
+ $tip_at_start, $tip_at_end);
+ die "Fast-forward update failed: $?\n" if $?;
+ }
+ else {
+ system(qw(git-merge cvsimport HEAD), "refs/heads/$opt_o");
+ die "Could not merge $opt_o into the current branch.\n" if $?;
+ }
} else {
$orig_branch = "master";
print "DONE; creating $orig_branch branch\n" if $opt_v;