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git-apply --binary: clean up and prepare for --reverse
This cleans up the implementation of "git-apply --binary", and implements reverse application of binary patches (when git-diff is converted to emit reversible binary patches). Earlier, the types of encoding (either deflated literal or deflated delta) were stored in is_binary field in struct patch, which meant that we cannot store more than one fragment that differ in the encoding for a patch. This moves the information to a field in struct fragment that is otherwise unused for binary patches, and makes it possible to hang two (or more, but two is enough) hunks for a binary patch. The original "binary patch" output from git-diff is internally parsed into an "is_binary" patch with one fragment. Upcoming reversible binary patch output will have two fragments, the first one being the forward patch and the second one the reverse patch. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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