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authorJohannes Schindelin <>2007-08-01 00:30:14 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2007-08-01 07:38:31 (GMT)
commite90fdc39b6903502192b2dd11e5503cea721a1ad (patch)
treee14b1f32168c1797c50fbad205164b61bddbe091 /environment.c
parentd7ac12b25d375d32372b13f74e90425ca21d5dc1 (diff)
Clean up work-tree handling
The old version of work-tree support was an unholy mess, barely readable, and not to the point. For example, why do you have to provide a worktree, when it is not used? As in "git status". Now it works. Another riddle was: if you can have work trees inside the git dir, why are some programs complaining that they need a work tree? IOW it is allowed to call $ git --git-dir=../ --work-tree=. bla when you really want to. In this case, you are both in the git directory and in the working tree. So, programs have to actually test for the right thing, namely if they are inside a working tree, and not if they are inside a git directory. Also, GIT_DIR=../.git should behave the same as if no GIT_DIR was specified, unless there is a repository in the current working directory. It does now. The logic to determine if a repository is bare, or has a work tree (tertium non datur), is this: --work-tree=bla overrides GIT_WORK_TREE, which overrides core.bare = true, which overrides core.worktree, which overrides GIT_DIR/.. when GIT_DIR ends in /.git, which overrides the directory in which .git/ was found. In related news, a long standing bug was fixed: when in .git/bla/x.git/, which is a bare repository, git formerly assumed ../.. to be the appropriate git dir. This problem was reported by Shawn Pearce to have caused much pain, where a colleague mistakenly ran "git init" in "/" a long time ago, and bare repositories just would not work. Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 files changed, 26 insertions, 9 deletions
diff --git a/environment.c b/environment.c
index a571fae..2af12fd 100644
--- a/environment.c
+++ b/environment.c
@@ -35,6 +35,10 @@ int pager_in_use;
int pager_use_color = 1;
int auto_crlf = 0; /* 1: both ways, -1: only when adding git objects */
+/* This is set by setup_git_dir_gently() and/or git_default_config() */
+char *git_work_tree_cfg;
+static const char *work_tree;
static const char *git_dir;
static char *git_object_dir, *git_index_file, *git_refs_dir, *git_graft_file;
@@ -62,15 +66,8 @@ static void setup_git_env(void)
int is_bare_repository(void)
- const char *dir, *s;
- if (0 <= is_bare_repository_cfg)
- return is_bare_repository_cfg;
- dir = get_git_dir();
- if (!strcmp(dir, DEFAULT_GIT_DIR_ENVIRONMENT))
- return 0;
- s = strrchr(dir, '/');
- return !s || strcmp(s + 1, DEFAULT_GIT_DIR_ENVIRONMENT);
+ /* if core.bare is not 'false', let's see if there is a work tree */
+ return is_bare_repository_cfg && !get_git_work_tree();
const char *get_git_dir(void)
@@ -80,6 +77,26 @@ const char *get_git_dir(void)
return git_dir;
+const char *get_git_work_tree(void)
+ static int initialized = 0;
+ if (!initialized) {
+ work_tree = getenv(GIT_WORK_TREE_ENVIRONMENT);
+ /* core.bare = true overrides implicit and config work tree */
+ if (!work_tree && is_bare_repository_cfg < 1) {
+ work_tree = git_work_tree_cfg;
+ /* make_absolute_path also normalizes the path */
+ if (work_tree && !is_absolute_path(work_tree))
+ work_tree = xstrdup(make_absolute_path(git_path(work_tree)));
+ } else if (work_tree)
+ work_tree = xstrdup(make_absolute_path(work_tree));
+ initialized = 1;
+ if (work_tree)
+ is_bare_repository_cfg = 0;
+ }
+ return work_tree;
char *get_object_directory(void)
if (!git_object_dir)