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shared repository - add a few missing calls to adjust_shared_perm().
There were a few calls to adjust_shared_perm() that were missing: - init-db creates refs, refs/heads, and refs/tags before reading from templates that could specify sharedrepository in the config file; - updating config file created it under user's umask without adjusting; - updating refs created it under user's umask without adjusting; - switching branches created .git/HEAD under user's umask without adjusting. This moves adjust_shared_perm() from sha1_file.c to path.c, since a few SIMPLE_PROGRAM need to call repository configuration functions which in turn need to call adjust_shared_perm(). sha1_file.c needs to link with SHA1 computation library which is usually not linked to SIMPLE_PROGRAM. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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