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Merge branch 'mh/ref-store'
The ref-store abstraction was introduced to the refs API so that we can plug in different backends to store references. * mh/ref-store: (38 commits) refs: implement iteration over only per-worktree refs refs: make lock generic refs: add method to rename refs refs: add methods to init refs db refs: make delete_refs() virtual refs: add method for initial ref transaction commit refs: add methods for reflog refs: add method iterator_begin files_ref_iterator_begin(): take a ref_store argument split_symref_update(): add a files_ref_store argument lock_ref_sha1_basic(): add a files_ref_store argument lock_ref_for_update(): add a files_ref_store argument commit_ref_update(): add a files_ref_store argument lock_raw_ref(): add a files_ref_store argument repack_without_refs(): add a files_ref_store argument refs: make peel_ref() virtual refs: make create_symref() virtual refs: make pack_refs() virtual refs: make verify_refname_available() virtual refs: make read_raw_ref() virtual ...
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