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authorLars Schneider <>2017-12-07 15:16:41 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2017-12-07 18:10:19 (GMT)
commitabfb04d0c74cde804c734015ff5868a88c84fb6f (patch)
treefc3f346b96ffcb79e27e0a6c102b91fccff8393a /editor.c
parenta64f213d3fa13fa01e582b6734fe7883ed975dc9 (diff)
launch_editor(): indicate that Git waits for user input
When a graphical GIT_EDITOR is spawned by a Git command that opens and waits for user input (e.g. "git rebase -i"), then the editor window might be obscured by other windows. The user might be left staring at the original Git terminal window without even realizing that s/he needs to interact with another window before Git can proceed. To this user Git appears hanging. Print a message that Git is waiting for editor input in the original terminal and get rid of it when the editor returns, if the terminal supports erasing the last line. Also, make sure that our message is terminated with a whitespace so that any message the editor may show upon starting up will be kept separate from our message. Power users might not want to see this message or their editor might already print such a message (e.g. emacsclient). Allow these users to suppress the message by disabling the "advice.waitingForEditor" config. The standard advise() function is not used here as it would always add a newline which would make deleting the message harder. Helped-by: Junio C Hamano <> Signed-off-by: Lars Schneider <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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diff --git a/editor.c b/editor.c
index c65ea69..9a9b4e1 100644
--- a/editor.c
+++ b/editor.c
@@ -45,6 +45,23 @@ int launch_editor(const char *path, struct strbuf *buffer, const char *const *en
const char *args[] = { editor, real_path(path), NULL };
struct child_process p = CHILD_PROCESS_INIT;
int ret, sig;
+ int print_waiting_for_editor = advice_waiting_for_editor && isatty(2);
+ if (print_waiting_for_editor) {
+ /*
+ * A dumb terminal cannot erase the line later on. Add a
+ * newline to separate the hint from subsequent output.
+ *
+ * Make sure that our message is separated with a whitespace
+ * from further cruft that may be written by the editor.
+ */
+ const char term = is_terminal_dumb() ? '\n' : ' ';
+ fprintf(stderr,
+ _("hint: Waiting for your editor to close the file...%c"),
+ term);
+ fflush(stderr);
+ }
p.argv = args;
p.env = env;
@@ -63,6 +80,13 @@ int launch_editor(const char *path, struct strbuf *buffer, const char *const *en
if (ret)
return error("There was a problem with the editor '%s'.",
+ if (print_waiting_for_editor && !is_terminal_dumb())
+ /*
+ * Go back to the beginning and erase the entire line to
+ * avoid wasting the vertical space.
+ */
+ fputs("\r\033[K", stderr);
if (!buffer)