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authorJunio C Hamano <>2016-07-25 21:13:32 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2016-07-25 21:13:32 (GMT)
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Merge branch 'mh/split-under-lock'
Further preparatory work on the refs API before the pluggable backend series can land. * mh/split-under-lock: (33 commits) lock_ref_sha1_basic(): only handle REF_NODEREF mode commit_ref_update(): remove the flags parameter lock_ref_for_update(): don't resolve symrefs lock_ref_for_update(): don't re-read non-symbolic references refs: resolve symbolic refs first ref_transaction_update(): check refname_is_safe() at a minimum unlock_ref(): move definition higher in the file lock_ref_for_update(): new function add_update(): initialize the whole ref_update verify_refname_available(): adjust constness in declaration refs: don't dereference on rename refs: allow log-only updates delete_branches(): use resolve_refdup() ref_transaction_commit(): correctly report close_ref() failure ref_transaction_create(): disallow recursive pruning refs: make error messages more consistent lock_ref_sha1_basic(): remove unneeded local variable read_raw_ref(): move docstring to header file read_raw_ref(): improve docstring read_raw_ref(): rename symref argument to referent ...
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diff --git a/dir.h b/dir.h
index bfde698..da1a858 100644
--- a/dir.h
+++ b/dir.h
@@ -262,9 +262,32 @@ extern int is_empty_dir(const char *dir);
extern void setup_standard_excludes(struct dir_struct *dir);
+/* Constants for remove_dir_recursively: */
+ * If a non-directory is found within path, stop and return an error.
+ * (In this case some empty directories might already have been
+ * removed.)
+ */
+ * If any Git work trees are found within path, skip them without
+ * considering it an error.
+ */
+/* Remove the contents of path, but leave path itself. */
+ * Remove path and its contents, recursively. flags is a combination
+ * of the above REMOVE_DIR_* constants. Return 0 on success.
+ *
+ * This function uses path as temporary scratch space, but restores it
+ * before returning.
+ */
extern int remove_dir_recursively(struct strbuf *path, int flag);
/* tries to remove the path with empty directories along it, ignores ENOENT */