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format-patch: fix two-argument special case, and make it easier to pick single commits
Luben Tuikov noticed that sometimes being able to say 'git-format-patch <commit>' to format the change a single commit introduces relative to its parent is handy. This patch does not support that directly, but it makes sense to interpret a single argument "rev" to mean "rev^1..rev". With this, the backward compatibility syntaxes still apply: - "format-patch master" means "format-patch master..HEAD" - "format-patch origin master" means "format-patch origin..master" - "format-patch origin.." means "format-patch origin..HEAD" But "format-patch a b c d e" formats the changes these five commits introduce relative to their respective parents. Earlier it rejected these arguments not in "one..two" form. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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