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GIT 0.99.9v0.99.9
Done in 0.99.9 ============== Ports ~~~~~ * Cygwin port [HPA]. * OpenBSD build [Merlyn and others]. Fixes ~~~~~ * clone request over git native protocol from a repository with too many refs did not work; this has been fixed. * git-daemon got safer for use [HPA]. * Extended SHA1 parser was not enforcing uniqueness for abbreviated SHA1; this has been fixed. * http transport does not barf on funny characters in URL. * The ref naming restrictions have been formalized and the coreish refuses to create funny refs; we still need to audit importers. See git-check-ref-format(1). New Features and Commands ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * .git/config file as a per-repository configuration mechanism, and some commands understand it [Linus]. See git(7). * The core.filemode configuration item can be used to make us a bit more FAT friendly. See git(7). * The extended SHA1 notation acquired Peel-the-onion operator ^{type} and ^{}. See git-rev-parse(1). * SVN importer [Matthias]. See git-svnimport(1). * .git/objects/[0-9a-f]{2} directories are created on demand, and removed when becomes empty after prune-packed [Linus]. * Filenames output from various commands without -z option are quoted when they embed funny characters (TAB and LF) using C-style quoting within double-quotes, to match the proposed GNU diff/patch notation [me, but many people contributed in the discussion]. * git-mv is expected to be a better replacement for git-rename. While the latter has two parameter restriction, it acts more like the regular 'mv' that can move multiple things to one destinatino directory [Josef Weidendorfer]. * git-checkout can take filenames to revert the changes to them. See git-checkout(1) * The new program git-am is a replacement for git-applymbox that has saner command line options and a bit easier to use when a patch does not apply cleanly. * git-ls-remote can show unwrapped onions using ^{} notation, to help Cogito to track tags. * git-merge-recursive backend can merge unrelated projects. * git-clone over native transport leaves the result packed. * git-http-fetch issues multiple requests in parallel when underlying cURL library supports it [Nick and Daniel]. * git-fetch-pack and git-upload-pack try harder to figure out better common commits [Johannes]. * git-read-tree -u removes a directory when it makes it empty. * git-diff-* records abbreviated SHA1 names of original and resulting blob; this sometimes helps to apply otherwise an unapplicable patch by falling back to 3-way merge. * git-format-patch now takes series of rev ranges and with '-m --stdout', writes them out to the standard output. This can be piped to 'git-am' to implement cheaper cherry-picking. * git-tag takes '-u' to specify the tag signer identity [Linus]. * git-rev-list can take optional pathspecs to skip commits that do not touch them (--dense) [Linus]. * Comes with new and improved gitk [Paulus and Linus]. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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+git-core (0.99.9-0) unstable; urgency=low
+ * GIT 0.99.9
+ -- Junio C Hamano <> Sat, 29 Oct 2005 14:34:30 -0700
git-core (0.99.8-0) unstable; urgency=low
* GIT 0.99.8