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Merge branch 'master' into jc/fmt-patch
* master: Split up builtin commands into separate files from git.c git-log produces no output fix pack-object buffer size mailinfo: decode underscore used in "Q" encoding properly. Reintroduce svn pools to solve the memory leak. pack-objects: do not stop at object that is "too small" git-commit --amend: two fixes. get_tree_entry(): make it available from tree-walk sha1_name.c: no need to include diff.h; tree-walk.h will do. sha1_name.c: prepare to make get_tree_entry() reusable from others. get_sha1() shorthands for blob/tree objects pre-commit hook: complain about conflict markers. git-merge: a bit more readable user guidance. diff: move diff.c to diff-lib.c to make room. git log: don't do merge diffs by default Allow "git repack" users to specify repacking window/depth Document git-clone --reference Fix filename scaling for binary files Fix uninteresting tags in new revision parsing Conflicts: Adjusted the addition of fmt-patch to match the recent split from git.c to builtin.log.c.
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