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Merge branch 'cc/replace-graft'
"git replace" learned a "--graft" option to rewrite parents of a commit. * cc/replace-graft: replace: add test for --graft with a mergetag replace: check mergetags when using --graft replace: add test for --graft with signed commit replace: remove signature when using --graft contrib: add Documentation: replace: add --graft option replace: add test for --graft replace: add --graft option replace: cleanup redirection style in tests
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+# You should execute this script in the repository where you
+# want to convert grafts to replace refs.
+. $(git --exec-path)/git-sh-setup
+test -f "$GRAFTS_FILE" || die "Could not find graft file: '$GRAFTS_FILE'"
+grep '^[^# ]' "$GRAFTS_FILE" |
+while read definition
+ if test -n "$definition"
+ then
+ echo "Converting: $definition"
+ git replace --graft $definition ||
+ die "Conversion failed for: $definition"
+ fi
+mv "$GRAFTS_FILE" "$GRAFTS_FILE.bak" ||
+ die "Could not rename '$GRAFTS_FILE' to '$GRAFTS_FILE.bak'"
+echo "Success!"
+echo "All the grafts in '$GRAFTS_FILE' have been converted to replace refs!"
+echo "The grafts file '$GRAFTS_FILE' has been renamed: '$GRAFTS_FILE.bak'"