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Fix git-subtree install instructions
Update the install instructions to reflect the changes for an integrated git-subtree. Signed-off-by: David A. Greene <>
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HOW TO INSTALL git-subtree
-You simply need to copy the file '' to where
-the rest of the git scripts are stored.
+First, build from the top source directory.
+Then, in contrib/subtree, run:
+ make
+ make install
+ make install-doc
-From the Git bash window just run:
+If you used configure to do the main build the git-subtree build will
+pick up those settings. If not, you will likely have to provide a
+value for prefix:
+ make prefix=<some dir>
+ make prefix=<some dir> install
+ make prefix=<some dir> install-doc
-Or if you have the full Cygwin installed, you can use make:
+To run tests first copy git-subtree to the main build area so the
+newly-built git can find it:
-make install
+ cp git-subtree ../..
-That will make a 'git subtree' (note: space instead of dash) command
-available. See the file git-subtree.txt for more.
-You can also install the man page by doing:
+ make test
- make doc
- cp git-subtree.1 /usr/share/man/man1/