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index-pack: distinguish missing objects from type errors
When we fetch a pack that does not contain an object we expected to receive, we get an error like: $ git init --bare tmp.git && cd tmp.git $ git fetch ../parent.git [...] error: Could not read 964953ec7bcc0245cb1d0db4095455edd21a2f2e fatal: Failed to traverse parents of commit b8247b40caf6704fe52736cdece6d6aae87471aa error: ../parent.git did not send all necessary objects This comes from the check_everything_connected rev-list. If we try cloning the same repo (rather than a fetch), we end up using index-pack's --check-self-contained-and-connected option instead, which produces output like: $ git clone --no-local --bare parent.git tmp.git [...] fatal: object of unexpected type fatal: index-pack failed Not only is the sha1 missing, but it's a misleading message. There's no type problem, but rather a missing object problem; we don't notice the difference because we simply compare OBJ_BAD != OBJ_BLOB. Let's provide a different message for this case: $ git clone --no-local --bare parent.git tmp.git fatal: did not receive expected object 6b00a8c61ed379d5f925a72c1987c9c52129d364 fatal: index-pack failed While we're at it, let's also improve a true type mismatch error to look like fatal: object 6b00a8c61ed379d5f925a72c1987c9c52129d364: expected type blob, got tree Signed-off-by: Jeff King <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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