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authorAlexandre Julliard <>2008-11-01 19:14:10 (GMT)
committerAlexandre Julliard <>2008-11-23 10:54:41 (GMT)
commitc4e8b72f228b20d3ed6cfba0586364ea8ca431af (patch)
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parentb0a53e9e56d0a501aebc99d3614be413e91613f6 (diff)
git.el: Add possibility to mark files directly in git-update-status-files.
This avoids the need to go through the list twice, which helps performance on large file lists. Signed-off-by: Alexandre Julliard <>
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/contrib/emacs/git.el b/contrib/emacs/git.el
index 6119c31..9e9101b 100644
--- a/contrib/emacs/git.el
+++ b/contrib/emacs/git.el
@@ -752,7 +752,7 @@ Return the list of files that haven't been handled."
(concat "--exclude-per-directory=" git-per-dir-ignore-file)
(append options (mapcar (lambda (f) (concat "--exclude-from=" f)) exclude-files)))))
-(defun git-update-status-files (&optional files)
+(defun git-update-status-files (&optional files mark-files)
"Update the status of FILES from the index."
(unless git-status (error "Not in git-status buffer."))
;; set the needs-update flag on existing files
@@ -777,12 +777,12 @@ Return the list of files that haven't been handled."
(when remaining-files
(setq remaining-files (git-run-ls-files-cached git-status remaining-files 'uptodate)))
(git-set-filenames-state git-status remaining-files nil)
+ (when mark-files (git-mark-files git-status files))
(git-refresh-ewoc-hf git-status)))
(defun git-mark-files (status files)
"Mark all the specified FILES, and unmark the others."
- (setq files (sort files #'string-lessp))
(let ((file (and files (pop files)))
(node (ewoc-nth status 0)))
(while node
@@ -1371,9 +1371,7 @@ amended version of it."
(git-call-process-display-error "reset" "--soft" "HEAD^")
(and (git-update-ref "ORIG_HEAD" commit)
(git-update-ref "HEAD" nil commit)))
- (git-update-status-files (copy-sequence files))
- (git-mark-files git-status files)
- (git-refresh-files)
+ (git-update-status-files files t)
(git-setup-commit-buffer commit)