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authorAlexandre Julliard <>2006-03-19 09:05:22 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2006-03-19 20:30:01 (GMT)
commit9de83169d34825d617b7fe92b95c966d9910848d (patch)
tree15b5551ec73d8235cc321e9489930b193c97bcb9 /contrib/emacs
parentf81e7c626f34658289594386b0273755f47912a2 (diff)
git.el: More robust handling of subprocess errors when returning strings.
Make sure that functions that call a git process and return a string always return nil when the subprocess failed. Signed-off-by: Alexandre Julliard <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 files changed, 13 insertions, 16 deletions
diff --git a/contrib/emacs/git.el b/contrib/emacs/git.el
index 5135e36..cf650da 100644
--- a/contrib/emacs/git.el
+++ b/contrib/emacs/git.el
@@ -148,6 +148,12 @@ The default is to fall back to `add-log-mailing-address' and then `user-mail-add
(append (git-get-env-strings env) (list "git") args))
(apply #'call-process "git" nil buffer nil args)))
+(defun git-call-process-env-string (env &rest args)
+ "Wrapper for call-process that sets environment strings, and returns the process output as a string."
+ (with-temp-buffer
+ (and (eq 0 (apply #' git-call-process-env t env args))
+ (buffer-string))))
(defun git-run-process-region (buffer start end program args)
"Run a git process with a buffer region as input."
(let ((output-buffer (current-buffer))
@@ -189,8 +195,9 @@ The default is to fall back to `add-log-mailing-address' and then `user-mail-add
(defun git-get-string-sha1 (string)
"Read a SHA1 from the specified string."
- (let ((pos (string-match "[0-9a-f]\\{40\\}" string)))
- (and pos (substring string pos (match-end 0)))))
+ (and string
+ (string-match "[0-9a-f]\\{40\\}" string)
+ (match-string 0 string)))
(defun git-get-committer-name ()
"Return the name to use as GIT_COMMITTER_NAME."
@@ -259,18 +266,12 @@ The default is to fall back to `add-log-mailing-address' and then `user-mail-add
(defun git-rev-parse (rev)
"Parse a revision name and return its SHA1."
- (with-output-to-string
- (with-current-buffer standard-output
- (git-call-process-env t nil "rev-parse" rev)))))
+ (git-call-process-env-string nil "rev-parse" rev)))
(defun git-symbolic-ref (ref)
"Wrapper for the git-symbolic-ref command."
- (car
- (split-string
- (with-output-to-string
- (with-current-buffer standard-output
- (git-call-process-env t nil "symbolic-ref" ref)))
- "\n")))
+ (let ((str (git-call-process-env-string nil "symbolic-ref" ref)))
+ (and str (car (split-string str "\n")))))
(defun git-update-ref (ref val &optional oldval)
"Update a reference by calling git-update-ref."
@@ -285,11 +286,7 @@ The default is to fall back to `add-log-mailing-address' and then `user-mail-add
(defun git-write-tree (&optional index-file)
"Call git-write-tree and return the resulting tree SHA1 as a string."
- (with-output-to-string
- (with-current-buffer standard-output
- (git-call-process-env t
- (if index-file `(("GIT_INDEX_FILE" . ,index-file)) nil)
- "write-tree")))))
+ (git-call-process-env-string (and index-file `(("GIT_INDEX_FILE" . ,index-file))) "write-tree")))
(defun git-commit-tree (buffer tree head)
"Call git-commit-tree with buffer as input and return the resulting commit SHA1."