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+This directory contains various modules for Emacs support.
+To make the modules available to Emacs, you should add this directory
+to your load-path, and then require the modules you want. This can be
+done by adding to your .emacs something like this:
+ (add-to-list 'load-path ".../git/contrib/emacs")
+ (require 'git)
+ (require 'git-blame)
+The following modules are available:
+* git.el:
+ Status manager that displays the state of all the files of the
+ project, and provides easy access to the most frequently used git
+ commands. The user interface is as far as possible compatible with
+ the pcl-cvs mode. It can be started with `M-x git-status'.
+* git-blame.el:
+ Emacs implementation of incremental git-blame. When you turn it on
+ while viewing a file, the editor buffer will be updated by setting
+ the background of individual lines to a color that reflects which
+ commit it comes from. And when you move around the buffer, a
+ one-line summary will be shown in the echo area.
+* vc-git.el:
+ This file used to contain the VC-mode backend for git, but it is no
+ longer distributed with git. It is now maintained as part of Emacs
+ and included in standard Emacs distributions starting from version
+ 22.2.
+ If you have an earlier Emacs version, upgrading to Emacs 22 is
+ recommended, since the VC mode in older Emacs is not generic enough
+ to be able to support git in a reasonable manner, and no attempt has
+ been made to backport vc-git.el.