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authorJacob Keller <>2020-05-28 18:10:44 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2020-05-28 19:57:07 (GMT)
commit68d97c7fdd5bbfd87b2e0b14ddfcd2b1825b2059 (patch)
tree5efc747d045e7ddd2a1203ddf52be8acbd3ff6c5 /contrib/completion
parent4e79adf4e57cbb514e026f9fa2b1f4f7f7a0a2ae (diff)
completion: improve completion for git switch with no options
Add a new --mode option to __git_complete_refs, which allows changing the behavior to call __git_heads instead of __git_refs. By passing --mode=heads, __git_complete_refs will only output local branches. This enables using "--mode=heads --dwim" to enable listing local branches and the remote unique branch names for DWIM. Refactor completion support to use the new mode option, rather than calling __git_heads directly. This has the advantage that we can now correctly allow local branches along with suitable DWIM refs, rather than only allowing DWIM when we complete all references. Choose what mode it uses when calling __git_complete_refs. If -d or --detach have been provided, then simply complete all refs, but *without* the DWIM option as these DWIM names won't work properly in --detach mode. Otherwise, call __git_complete_refs with the default dwim_opt value and use the new "heads" mode. In this way, the basic support for completing just "git switch <TAB>" will result in only local branches and remote unique names for DWIM. The basic no-options tests for git switch, as well as several of the -c/-C tests now pass, so remove the known breakage tags. Signed-off-by: Jacob Keller <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 files changed, 20 insertions, 13 deletions
diff --git a/contrib/completion/git-completion.bash b/contrib/completion/git-completion.bash
index 03100c4..19d0882 100644
--- a/contrib/completion/git-completion.bash
+++ b/contrib/completion/git-completion.bash
@@ -782,9 +782,12 @@ __git_refs ()
# word to be completed.
# --sfx=<suffix>: A suffix to be appended to each ref instead of the default
# space.
+# --mode=<mode>: What set of refs to complete, one of 'refs' (the default) to
+# complete all refs, 'heads' to complete only branches. Note
+# that --remote is only compatible with --mode=refs.
__git_complete_refs ()
- local remote dwim pfx cur_="$cur" sfx=" "
+ local remote dwim pfx cur_="$cur" sfx=" " mode="refs"
while test $# != 0; do
case "$1" in
@@ -795,13 +798,23 @@ __git_complete_refs ()
--pfx=*) pfx="${1##--pfx=}" ;;
--cur=*) cur_="${1##--cur=}" ;;
--sfx=*) sfx="${1##--sfx=}" ;;
+ --mode=*) mode="${1##--mode=}" ;;
*) return 1 ;;
- __gitcomp_direct "$(__git_refs "$remote" "" "$pfx" "$cur_" "$sfx")"
+ # complete references based on the specified mode
+ case "$mode" in
+ refs)
+ __gitcomp_direct "$(__git_refs "$remote" "" "$pfx" "$cur_" "$sfx")" ;;
+ heads)
+ __gitcomp_direct "$(__git_heads "$pfx" "$cur_" "$sfx")" ;;
+ *)
+ return 1 ;;
+ esac
+ # Append DWIM remote branch names if requested
if [ "$dwim" = "yes" ]; then
__gitcomp_direct_append "$(__git_dwim_remote_heads "$pfx" "$cur_" "$sfx")"
@@ -2324,18 +2337,12 @@ _git_switch ()
__gitcomp_builtin switch
- local dwim_opt="$(__git_checkout_default_dwim_mode)" only_local_ref=n
- if [ -z "$(__git_find_on_cmdline "-d --detach")" ]; then
- only_local_ref=y
- else
- # --guess --detach is invalid combination, no
- # dwim will be done when --detach is specified
- dwim_opt=
- fi
- if [ $only_local_ref = y -a -z "$dwim_opt" ]; then
- __gitcomp_direct "$(__git_heads "" "$cur" " ")"
+ local dwim_opt="$(__git_checkout_default_dwim_mode)"
+ if [ -n "$(__git_find_on_cmdline "-d --detach")" ]; then
+ __git_complete_refs --mode="refs"
- __git_complete_refs $dwim_opt
+ __git_complete_refs $dwim_opt --mode="heads"