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revert: improve error message for cherry-pick during cherry-pick
In the spirit of v1.6.3.3~3^2 (refuse to merge during a merge, 2009-07-01), "git cherry-pick" refuses to start a new cherry-pick when in the middle of an existing conflicted cherry-pick in the following sequence: 1. git cherry-pick HEAD..origin 2. resolve conflicts 3. git cherry-pick HEAD..origin (instead of "git cherry-pick --continue", by mistake) Good. However, the error message on attempting step 3 is more convoluted than necessary: $ git cherry-pick HEAD..origin error: .git/sequencer already exists. error: A cherry-pick or revert is in progress. hint: Use --continue to continue the operation hint: or --quit to forget about it fatal: cherry-pick failed Clarify by removing the redundant first "error:" message, simplifying the advice, and using lower-case and no full stops to be consistent with other commands that prefix their messages with "error:", so it becomes error: a cherry-pick or revert is already in progress hint: try "git cherry-pick (--continue | --quit)" fatal: cherry-pick failed The "fatal: cherry-pick failed" line seems unnecessary, too, but that can be fixed some other day. Signed-off-by: Jonathan Nieder <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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