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built-in add -p: handle Escape sequences in interactive.singlekey mode
This recapitulates part of b5cc003253c8 (add -i: ignore terminal escape sequences, 2011-05-17): add -i: ignore terminal escape sequences On the author's terminal, the up-arrow input sequence is ^[[A, and thus fat-fingering an up-arrow into 'git checkout -p' is quite dangerous: git-add--interactive.perl will ignore the ^[ and [ characters and happily treat A as "discard everything". As a band-aid fix, use Term::Cap to get all terminal capabilities. Then use the heuristic that any capability value that starts with ^[ (i.e., \e in perl) must be a key input sequence. Finally, given an input that starts with ^[, read more characters until we have read a full escape sequence, then return that to the caller. We use a timeout of 0.5 seconds on the subsequent reads to avoid getting stuck if the user actually input a lone ^[. Since none of the currently recognized keys start with ^[, the net result is that the sequence as a whole will be ignored and the help displayed. Note that we leave part for later which uses "Term::Cap to get all terminal capabilities", for several reasons: 1. it is actually not really necessary, as the timeout of 0.5 seconds should be plenty sufficient to catch Escape sequences, 2. it is cleaner to keep the change to special-case Escape sequences separate from the change that reads all terminal capabilities to speed things up, and 3. in practice, relying on the terminal capabilities is a bit overrated, as the information could be incomplete, or plain wrong. For example, in this developer's tmux sessions, the terminal capabilities claim that the "cursor up" sequence is ^[M, but the actual sequence produced by the "cursor up" key is ^[[A. Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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