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[PATCH] Trapping exit in tests, using return for errors
I have noticed that "make test" fails without any explanations when the "merge" utility is missing. I don't think tests should be silent in case of failure. It turned out that the particular test was using "exit" to interrupt the test in case of an error. This caused the whole test script to exit. No further tests would be run even if "--immediate" wasn't specified. No error message was printed. This patch does following: All instances of "exit", "exit 1" and "(exit 1)" in tests have been replaced with "return 1". In fact, "(exit 1)" had no effect. File descriptor 5 is duplicated from file descriptor 1. This is needed to print important error messages from tests. New function test_run_() has been introduced. Any "return" in the test would merely cause that function to return without skipping calls to test_failure_() and test_ok_(). The new function also traps "exit" and treats it like a fatal error (in case somebody reintroduces "exit" in the tests). test_expect_failure() and test_expect_success() check both the result of eval and the return value of test_run_(). If the later is not 0, it's always a failure because it indicates the the test didn't complete. Signed-off-by: Pavel Roskin <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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