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authorDerrick Stolee <>2018-07-20 16:33:23 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2018-07-20 22:38:56 (GMT)
commit1792bc125069e3e5b59f0158e259335a07aa7cf5 (patch)
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parent0c89f715d06082216cc312dcd39e09cb80f7aad7 (diff)
test-reach: test can_all_from_reach_with_flags
The can_all_from_reach_with_flags method is used by ok_to_give_up in upload-pack.c to see if we have done enough negotiation during a fetch. This method is intentionally created to preserve state between calls to assist with stateful negotiation, such as over SSH. To make this method testable, add a new can_all_from_reach method that does the initial setup and final tear-down. We will later use this method in production code. Call the method from 'test-tool reach' for now. Since this is a many-to-many reachability query, add a new type of input to the 'test-tool reach' input format. Lines "Y:<committish>" create a list of commits to be the reachability targets from the commits in the 'X' list. In the context of fetch negotiation, the 'X' commits are the 'want' commits and the 'Y' commits are the 'have' commits. Signed-off-by: Derrick Stolee <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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diff --git a/commit-reach.h b/commit-reach.h
index b28bc22..aa202c9 100644
--- a/commit-reach.h
+++ b/commit-reach.h
@@ -72,5 +72,7 @@ int can_all_from_reach_with_flag(struct object_array *from,
unsigned int with_flag,
unsigned int assign_flag,
time_t min_commit_date);
+int can_all_from_reach(struct commit_list *from, struct commit_list *to,
+ int commit_date_cutoff);