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authorDerrick Stolee <>2019-06-12 13:29:38 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2019-06-12 18:20:53 (GMT)
commit5af803945212af875670582ff153ee05ec368b83 (patch)
tree8bb9b6ccb72fc7f8024428991eabf07c31554f68 /commit-graph.h
parente103f7276f0d809c2935ebc1a3d68c6bbfaed23d (diff)
commit-graph: collapse parameters into flags
The write_commit_graph() and write_commit_graph_reachable() methods currently take two boolean parameters: 'append' and 'report_progress'. As we update these methods, adding more parameters this way becomes cluttered and hard to maintain. Collapse these parameters into a 'flags' parameter, and adjust the callers to provide flags as necessary. Signed-off-by: Derrick Stolee <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 files changed, 5 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/commit-graph.h b/commit-graph.h
index 869717c..01538b5 100644
--- a/commit-graph.h
+++ b/commit-graph.h
@@ -65,18 +65,20 @@ struct commit_graph *parse_commit_graph(void *graph_map, int fd,
int generation_numbers_enabled(struct repository *r);
+#define COMMIT_GRAPH_APPEND (1 << 0)
+#define COMMIT_GRAPH_PROGRESS (1 << 1)
* The write_commit_graph* methods return zero on success
* and a negative value on failure. Note that if the repository
* is not compatible with the commit-graph feature, then the
* methods will return 0 without writing a commit-graph.
-int write_commit_graph_reachable(const char *obj_dir, int append,
- int report_progress);
+int write_commit_graph_reachable(const char *obj_dir, unsigned int flags);
int write_commit_graph(const char *obj_dir,
struct string_list *pack_indexes,
struct string_list *commit_hex,
- int append, int report_progress);
+ unsigned int flags);
int verify_commit_graph(struct repository *r, struct commit_graph *g);