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authorJunio C Hamano <>2018-09-17 20:53:52 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2018-09-17 20:53:52 (GMT)
commit1b7a91da71d42759dfb83fa3a17be54ad01f0132 (patch)
tree921c80479f0f12a95114b0b32f6fdfa928f170c8 /commit-graph.h
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Merge branch 'ds/reachable'
The code for computing history reachability has been shuffled, obtained a bunch of new tests to cover them, and then being improved. * ds/reachable: commit-reach: correct accidental #include of C file commit-reach: use can_all_from_reach commit-reach: make can_all_from_reach... linear commit-reach: replace ref_newer logic test-reach: test commit_contains test-reach: test can_all_from_reach_with_flags test-reach: test reduce_heads test-reach: test get_merge_bases_many test-reach: test is_descendant_of test-reach: test in_merge_bases test-reach: create new test tool for ref_newer commit-reach: move can_all_from_reach_with_flags upload-pack: generalize commit date cutoff upload-pack: refactor ok_to_give_up() upload-pack: make reachable() more generic commit-reach: move commit_contains from ref-filter commit-reach: move ref_newer from remote.c commit.h: remove method declarations commit-reach: move walk methods from commit.c
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diff --git a/commit-graph.h b/commit-graph.h
index eea62f8..698f09e 100644
--- a/commit-graph.h
+++ b/commit-graph.h
@@ -52,6 +52,12 @@ struct commit_graph {
struct commit_graph *load_commit_graph_one(const char *graph_file);
+ * Return 1 if and only if the repository has a commit-graph
+ * file and generation numbers are computed in that file.
+ */
+int generation_numbers_enabled(struct repository *r);
void write_commit_graph_reachable(const char *obj_dir, int append);
void write_commit_graph(const char *obj_dir,
struct string_list *pack_indexes,