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authorJunio C Hamano <>2008-08-19 03:08:09 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2008-08-31 03:53:24 (GMT)
commita5a818ee4877e4458e8e6741a03ac3b19941d58a (patch)
tree5aaac05e0e8951fbafef1cef8eb4230a9bfe563c /combine-diff.c
parent53d1589ff6bd336e3ece39e0a963a3d2a537cf96 (diff)
diff: vary default prefix depending on what are compared
With a new configuration "diff.mnemonicprefix", "git diff" shows the differences between various combinations of preimage and postimage trees with prefixes different from the standard "a/" and "b/". Hopefully this will make the distinction stand out for some people. "git diff" compares the (i)ndex and the (w)ork tree; "git diff HEAD" compares a (c)ommit and the (w)ork tree; "git diff --cached" compares a (c)ommit and the (i)ndex; "git-diff HEAD:file1 file2" compares an (o)bject and a (w)ork tree entity; "git diff --no-index a b" compares two non-git things (1) and (2). Because these mnemonics now have meanings, they are swapped when reverse diff is in effect and this feature is enabled. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
Diffstat (limited to 'combine-diff.c')
1 files changed, 6 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/combine-diff.c b/combine-diff.c
index 4dfc330..19bd60e 100644
--- a/combine-diff.c
+++ b/combine-diff.c
@@ -675,9 +675,13 @@ static void show_patch_diff(struct combine_diff_path *elem, int num_parent,
int i, show_hunks;
int working_tree_file = is_null_sha1(elem->sha1);
int abbrev = DIFF_OPT_TST(opt, FULL_INDEX) ? 40 : DEFAULT_ABBREV;
+ const char *a_prefix, *b_prefix;
mmfile_t result_file;
context = opt->context;
+ a_prefix = opt->a_prefix ? opt->a_prefix : "a/";
+ b_prefix = opt->b_prefix ? opt->b_prefix : "b/";
/* Read the result of merge first */
if (!working_tree_file)
result = grab_blob(elem->sha1, &result_size);
@@ -853,13 +857,13 @@ static void show_patch_diff(struct combine_diff_path *elem, int num_parent,
dump_quoted_path("--- ", "", "/dev/null",
c_meta, c_reset);
- dump_quoted_path("--- ", opt->a_prefix, elem->path,
+ dump_quoted_path("--- ", a_prefix, elem->path,
c_meta, c_reset);
if (deleted)
dump_quoted_path("+++ ", "", "/dev/null",
c_meta, c_reset);
- dump_quoted_path("+++ ", opt->b_prefix, elem->path,
+ dump_quoted_path("+++ ", b_prefix, elem->path,
c_meta, c_reset);
dump_sline(sline, cnt, num_parent,