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travis-ci: record and skip successfully built trees
Travis CI dutifully builds and tests each new branch tip, even if its tree has previously been successfully built and tested. This happens often enough in contributors' workflows, when a work-in-progress branch is rebased changing e.g. only commit messages or the order or number of commits while leaving the resulting code intact, and is then pushed to a Travis CI-enabled GitHub fork. This is wasting Travis CI's resources and is sometimes scary-annoying when the new tip commit with a tree identical to the previous, successfully tested one is suddenly reported in red, because one of the OSX build jobs happened to exceed the time limit yet again. So extend our Travis CI build scripts to skip building commits whose trees have previously been successfully built and tested. Use the Travis CI cache feature to keep a record of the object names of trees that tested successfully, in a plain and simple flat text file, one line per tree object name. Append the current tree's object name at the end of every successful build job to this file, along with a bit of additional info about the build job (commit object name, Travis CI job number and id). Limit the size of this file to 1000 records, to prevent it from growing too large for git/git's forever living integration branches. Check, using a simple grep invocation, in each build job whether the current commit's tree is already in there, and skip the build if it is. Include a message in the skipped build job's trace log, containing the URL to the build job successfully testing that tree for the first time and instructions on how to force a re-build. Catch the case when a build job, which successfully built and tested a particular tree for the first time, is restarted and omit the URL of the previous build job's trace log, as in this case it's the same build job and the trace log has just been overwritten. Note: this won't kick in if two identical trees are on two different branches, because Travis CI caches are not shared between build jobs of different branches. Signed-off-by: SZEDER Gábor <> Reviewed-by: Lars Schneider <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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