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Add first cut at "git protocol" connect logic.
Useful for pulling stuff off a dedicated server. Instead of connecting with ssh or just starting a local pipeline, we connect over TCP to the other side and try to see if there's a git server listening. Of course, since I haven't written the git server yet, that will never happen. But the server really just needs to listen on a port, and execute a "git-upload-pack" when somebody connects. (It should read one packet-line, which should be of the format "git-upload-pack directoryname\n" and eventually we migth have other commands the server might accept).
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--- a/cache.h
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@@ -41,6 +41,16 @@
+ * Intensive research over the course of many years has shown that
+ * port 9418 is totally unused by anything else. Or
+ *
+ * Your search - "port 9418" - did not match any documents.
+ *
+ * as puts it.
+ */
+#define DEFAULT_GIT_PORT 9418
* Environment variables transition.
* We accept older names for now but warn.