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cache-tree: do not try to use an invalidated subtree info to build a tree
We punt from repairing the cache-tree during a branch switching if it involves having to create a new tree object that does not yet exist in the object store. "mkdir dir && >dir/file && git add dir" followed by "git checkout" is one example, when a tree that records the state of such "dir/" is not in the object store. However, after discovering that we do not have a tree object that records the state of "dir/", the caller failed to remember the fact that it noticed the cache-tree entry it received for "dir/" is invalidated, it already knows it should not be populating the level that has "dir/" as its immediate subdirectory, and it is not an error at all for the sublevel cache-tree entry gave it a bogus object name it shouldn't even look at. This led the caller to detect and report a non-existent error. The end result was the same and we avoided stuffing a non-existent tree to the cache-tree, but we shouldn't have issued an alarming error message to the user. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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