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reuse cached commit buffer when parsing signatures
When we call show_signature or show_mergetag, we read the commit object fresh via read_sha1_file and reparse its headers. However, in most cases we already have the object data available, attached to the "struct commit". This is partially laziness in dealing with the memory allocation issues, but partially defensive programming, in that we would always want to verify a clean version of the buffer (not one that might have been munged by other users of the commit). However, we do not currently ever munge the commit buffer, and not using the already-available buffer carries a fairly big performance penalty when we are looking at a large number of commits. Here are timings on linux.git: [baseline, no signatures] $ time git log >/dev/null real 0m4.902s user 0m4.784s sys 0m0.120s [before] $ time git log --show-signature >/dev/null real 0m14.735s user 0m9.964s sys 0m0.944s [after] $ time git log --show-signature >/dev/null real 0m9.981s user 0m5.260s sys 0m0.936s Note that our user CPU time drops almost in half, close to the non-signature case, but we do still spend more wall-clock and system time, presumably from dealing with gpg. An alternative to this is to note that most commits do not have signatures (less than 1% in this repo), yet we pay the re-parsing cost for every commit just to find out if it has a mergetag or signature. If we checked that when parsing the commit initially, we could avoid re-examining most commits later on. Even if we did pursue that direction, however, this would still speed up the cases where we _do_ have signatures. So it's probably worth doing either way. Signed-off-by: Jeff King <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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