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Merge branch 'jh/notes'
* jh/notes: (33 commits) Documentation: fix a few typos in git-notes.txt notes: fix malformed tree entry builtin-notes: Minor (mostly parse_options-related) fixes builtin-notes: Add "copy" subcommand for copying notes between objects builtin-notes: Misc. refactoring of argc and exit value handling builtin-notes: Add -c/-C options for reusing notes builtin-notes: Refactor handling of -F option to allow combining -m and -F builtin-notes: Deprecate the -m/-F options for "git notes edit" builtin-notes: Add "append" subcommand for appending to note objects builtin-notes: Add "add" subcommand for adding notes to objects builtin-notes: Add --message/--file aliases for -m/-F options builtin-notes: Add "list" subcommand for listing note objects Documentation: Generalize git-notes docs to 'objects' instead of 'commits' builtin-notes: Add "prune" subcommand for removing notes for missing objects Notes API: prune_notes(): Prune notes that belong to non-existing objects t3305: Verify that removing notes triggers automatic fanout consolidation builtin-notes: Add "remove" subcommand for removing existing notes Teach builtin-notes to remove empty notes Teach notes code to properly preserve non-notes in the notes tree t3305: Verify that adding many notes with git-notes triggers increased fanout ... Conflicts: Makefile
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