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Merge branch 'mh/reflog-expire'
Restructure "reflog expire" to fit the reflogs better with the recently updated ref API. Looked reasonable (except that some shortlog entries stood out like a sore thumb). * mh/reflog-expire: (24 commits) refs.c: let fprintf handle the formatting refs.c: don't expose the internal struct ref_lock in the header file lock_any_ref_for_update(): inline function refs.c: remove unlock_ref/close_ref/commit_ref from the refs api reflog_expire(): new function in the reference API expire_reflog(): treat the policy callback data as opaque Move newlog and last_kept_sha1 to "struct expire_reflog_cb" expire_reflog(): move rewrite to flags argument expire_reflog(): move verbose to flags argument expire_reflog(): pass flags through to expire_reflog_ent() struct expire_reflog_cb: a new callback data type Rename expire_reflog_cb to expire_reflog_policy_cb expire_reflog(): move updateref to flags argument expire_reflog(): move dry_run to flags argument expire_reflog(): add a "flags" argument expire_reflog(): extract two policy-related functions Extract function should_expire_reflog_ent() expire_reflog(): use a lock_file for rewriting the reflog file expire_reflog(): return early if the reference has no reflog expire_reflog(): rename "ref" parameter to "refname" ...
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