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Merge branch 'js/log-to-diffopt-file'
The commands in the "log/diff" family have had an FILE* pointer in the data structure they pass around for a long time, but some codepaths used to always write to the standard output. As a preparatory step to make "git format-patch" available to the internal callers, these codepaths have been updated to consistently write into that FILE* instead. * js/log-to-diffopt-file: mingw: fix the shortlog --output=<file> test diff: do not color output when --color=auto and --output=<file> is given t4211: ensure that log respects --output=<file> shortlog: respect the --output=<file> setting format-patch: use stdout directly format-patch: avoid freopen() format-patch: explicitly switch off color when writing to files shortlog: support outputting to streams other than stdout graph: respect the diffopt.file setting line-log: respect diffopt's configured output file stream log-tree: respect diffopt's configured output file stream log: prepare log/log-tree to reuse the diffopt.close_file attribute
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