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authorDenton Liu <>2020-04-28 08:36:28 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2020-04-28 17:47:10 (GMT)
commit203c85339fb51bb8b83aae8f0adde44d6e55e018 (patch)
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In the codebase, there are many options which use OPTION_CALLBACK in a plain ol' struct definition. However, we have the OPT_CALLBACK and OPT_CALLBACK_F macros which are meant to abstract these plain struct definitions away. These macros are useful as they semantically signal to developers that these are just normal callback option with nothing fancy happening. Replace plain struct definitions of OPTION_CALLBACK with OPT_CALLBACK or OPT_CALLBACK_F where applicable. The heavy lifting was done using the following (disgusting) shell script: #!/bin/sh do_replacement () { tr '\n' '\r' | sed -e 's/{\s*OPTION_CALLBACK,\s*\([^,]*\),\([^,]*\),\([^,]*\),\([^,]*\),\([^,]*\),\s*0,\(\s*[^[:space:]}]*\)\s*}/OPT_CALLBACK(\1,\2,\3,\4,\5,\6)/g' | sed -e 's/{\s*OPTION_CALLBACK,\s*\([^,]*\),\([^,]*\),\([^,]*\),\([^,]*\),\([^,]*\),\([^,]*\),\(\s*[^[:space:]}]*\)\s*}/OPT_CALLBACK_F(\1,\2,\3,\4,\5,\6,\7)/g' | tr '\r' '\n' } for f in $(git ls-files \*.c) do do_replacement <"$f" >"$f.tmp" mv "$f.tmp" "$f" done The result was manually inspected and then reformatted to match the style of the surrounding code. Finally, using `git grep OPTION_CALLBACK \*.c`, leftover results which were not handled by the script were manually transformed. Signed-off-by: Denton Liu <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 files changed, 6 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/builtin/fetch.c b/builtin/fetch.c
index 1097e1e..3ae52c0 100644
--- a/builtin/fetch.c
+++ b/builtin/fetch.c
@@ -156,9 +156,9 @@ static struct option builtin_fetch_options[] = {
N_("prune remote-tracking branches no longer on remote")),
OPT_BOOL('P', "prune-tags", &prune_tags,
N_("prune local tags no longer on remote and clobber changed tags")),
- { OPTION_CALLBACK, 0, "recurse-submodules", &recurse_submodules, N_("on-demand"),
+ OPT_CALLBACK_F(0, "recurse-submodules", &recurse_submodules, N_("on-demand"),
N_("control recursive fetching of submodules"),
- PARSE_OPT_OPTARG, option_fetch_parse_recurse_submodules },
+ PARSE_OPT_OPTARG, option_fetch_parse_recurse_submodules),
OPT_BOOL(0, "dry-run", &dry_run,
N_("dry run")),
OPT_BOOL('k', "keep", &keep, N_("keep downloaded pack")),
@@ -178,15 +178,15 @@ static struct option builtin_fetch_options[] = {
{ OPTION_STRING, 0, "submodule-prefix", &submodule_prefix, N_("dir"),
N_("prepend this to submodule path output"), PARSE_OPT_HIDDEN },
- { OPTION_CALLBACK, 0, "recurse-submodules-default",
+ OPT_CALLBACK_F(0, "recurse-submodules-default",
&recurse_submodules_default, N_("on-demand"),
N_("default for recursive fetching of submodules "
"(lower priority than config files)"),
- PARSE_OPT_HIDDEN, option_fetch_parse_recurse_submodules },
+ PARSE_OPT_HIDDEN, option_fetch_parse_recurse_submodules),
OPT_BOOL(0, "update-shallow", &update_shallow,
N_("accept refs that update .git/shallow")),
- { OPTION_CALLBACK, 0, "refmap", NULL, N_("refmap"),
- N_("specify fetch refmap"), PARSE_OPT_NONEG, parse_refmap_arg },
+ OPT_CALLBACK_F(0, "refmap", NULL, N_("refmap"),
+ N_("specify fetch refmap"), PARSE_OPT_NONEG, parse_refmap_arg),
OPT_STRING_LIST('o', "server-option", &server_options, N_("server-specific"), N_("option to transmit")),
OPT_SET_INT('4', "ipv4", &family, N_("use IPv4 addresses only"),