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authorJeff King <>2011-12-13 00:48:08 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2011-12-13 18:17:50 (GMT)
commit1e7ba0f9caf1993491aa4c5cbd796cd31cb0f4af (patch)
tree368cc1339af6affba825348d572e2b794926ad22 /builtin/fetch-pack.c
parente9d866e32c0c7411a005cb6d6549d3a89f8102ee (diff)
fetch-pack: match refs exactly
When we are determining the list of refs to fetch via fetch-pack, we have two sets of refs to compare: those on the remote side, and a "match" list of things we want to fetch. We iterate through the remote refs alphabetically, seeing if each one is wanted by the "match" list. Since def88e9 (Commit first cut at "git-fetch-pack", 2005-07-04), we have used the "path_match" function to do a suffix match, where a remote ref is considered wanted if any of the "match" elements is a suffix of the remote refname. This enables callers of fetch-pack to specify unqualified refs and have them matched up with remote refs (e.g., ask for "A" and get remote's "refs/heads/A"). However, if you provide a fully qualified ref, then there are corner cases where we provide the wrong answer. For example, given a remote with two refs: refs/foo/refs/heads/master refs/heads/master asking for "refs/heads/master" will first match "refs/foo/refs/heads/master" by the suffix rule, and we will erroneously fetch it instead of refs/heads/master. As it turns out, all callers of fetch_pack do provide fully-qualified refs for the match list. There are two ways fetch_pack can get match lists: 1. Through the transport code (i.e., via git-fetch) 2. On the command-line of git-fetch-pack In the first case, we will always be providing the names of fully-qualified refs from "struct ref" objects. We will have pre-matched those ref objects already (since we have to handle more advanced matching, like wildcard refspecs), and are just providing a list of the refs whose objects we need. In the second case, users could in theory be providing non-qualified refs on the command-line. However, the fetch-pack documentation claims that refs should be fully qualified (and has always done so since it was written in 2005). Let's change this path_match call to simply check for string equality, matching what the callers of fetch_pack are expecting. Signed-off-by: Jeff King <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 files changed, 9 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/builtin/fetch-pack.c b/builtin/fetch-pack.c
index 46688dc..6207ecd 100644
--- a/builtin/fetch-pack.c
+++ b/builtin/fetch-pack.c
@@ -556,11 +556,16 @@ static void filter_refs(struct ref **refs, int nr_match, char **match)
else {
- int order = path_match(ref->name, nr_match, match);
- if (order) {
- return_refs[order-1] = ref;
- continue; /* we will link it later */
+ int i;
+ for (i = 0; i < nr_match; i++) {
+ if (!strcmp(ref->name, match[i])) {
+ match[i][0] = '\0';
+ return_refs[i] = ref;
+ break;
+ }
+ if (i < nr_match)
+ continue; /* we will link it later */