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Merge branch 'sr/transport-helper-fix'
* sr/transport-helper-fix: (21 commits) transport-helper: die early on encountering deleted refs transport-helper: implement marks location as capability transport-helper: Use capname for refspec capability too transport-helper: change import semantics transport-helper: update ref status after push with export transport-helper: use the new done feature where possible transport-helper: check status code of finish_command transport-helper: factor out push_update_refs_status fast-export: support done feature fast-import: introduce 'done' command git-remote-testgit: fix error handling git-remote-testgit: only push for non-local repositories remote-curl: accept empty line as terminator remote-helpers: export GIT_DIR variable to helpers git_remote_helpers: push all refs during a non-local export transport-helper: don't feed bogus refs to export push git-remote-testgit: import non-HEAD refs t5800: document some non-functional parts of remote helpers t5800: use skip_all instead of prereq t5800: factor out some ref tests ...
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