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authorJunio C Hamano <>2007-04-26 06:31:45 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2007-04-26 06:31:45 (GMT)
commit6169a89c4fd29cf9c747bab7bd310877328bc7e2 (patch)
tree299d1cd315b66e377261901698bc128752466fc8 /builtin-write-tree.c
parenta7b02ccf9a682fa0c2b28df6ca20f9199cdca4de (diff)
parent8abe88a29c0789276c6d028b76b1190630b101c6 (diff)
Merge branch 'maint'
* maint: Start preparing for Sanitize @to recipients. git-svn: Ignore usernames in URLs in find_by_url Document --dry-run and envelope-sender for git-send-email. Allow users to optionally specify their envelope sender. Ensure clean addresses are always used with Net::SMTP Validate @recipients before using it for sendmail and Net::SMTP. Perform correct quoting of recipient names. Change the scope of the $cc variable as it is not needed outside of send_message. Debugging cleanup improvements Prefix Dry- to the message status to denote dry-runs. Document --dry-run parameter to send-email. git-svn: Don't rely on $_ after making a function call Fix handle leak in write_tree Actually handle some-low memory conditions Conflicts: RelNotes git-send-email.perl
Diffstat (limited to 'builtin-write-tree.c')
1 files changed, 5 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/builtin-write-tree.c b/builtin-write-tree.c
index c88bbd1..391de53 100644
--- a/builtin-write-tree.c
+++ b/builtin-write-tree.c
@@ -36,8 +36,10 @@ int write_tree(unsigned char *sha1, int missing_ok, const char *prefix)
die("git-write-tree: error building trees");
if (0 <= newfd) {
if (!write_cache(newfd, active_cache, active_nr)
- && !close(newfd))
+ && !close(newfd)) {
+ newfd = -1;
+ }
/* Not being able to write is fine -- we are only interested
* in updating the cache-tree part, and if the next caller
@@ -55,6 +57,8 @@ int write_tree(unsigned char *sha1, int missing_ok, const char *prefix)
hashcpy(sha1, active_cache_tree->sha1);
+ if (0 <= newfd)
+ close(newfd);
return 0;