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Merge branch 'gl/web'
* gl/web: (46 commits) gitweb: Use @diff_opts, default ('M'), as git-diff and git-diff-tree paramete gitweb: Remove git_to_hash function gitweb: Remove unused git_get_{preceding,following}_references gitweb: Fix typo in git_patchset_body gitweb: Fix typo in git_difftree_body gitweb: blobs defined by non-textual hash ids can be cached gitweb: Improve comments about gitweb features configuration gitweb: Remove workaround for git-diff bug fixed in f82cd3c gitweb: Remove creating directory for temporary files gitweb: Remove git_diff_print subroutine gitweb: git_blobdiff_plain is git_blobdiff('plain') gitweb: Use git-diff-tree or git-diff patch output for blobdiff gitweb: Change here-doc back for style consistency in git_blobdiff gitweb: Always display link to blobdiff_plain in git_blobdiff gitweb: Add invisible hyperlink to from-file/to-file diff header gitweb: Parse two-line from-file/to-file diff header in git_patchset_body gitweb: Allow for pre-parsed difftree info in git_patchset_body gitweb: Add support for hash_parent_base parameter for blobdiffs gitweb: Use git_get_name_rev_tags for commitdiff_plain X-Git-Tag: header gitweb: Add git_get_rev_name_tags function ...
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