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Replace a pair of patches with updated ones for subproject support.
This series of three patches is a *replacement* for the patch series of two patches (plus one-liner fixup) I sent yesterday. It fixes the issue I noted with "git status" incorrectly claiming that a non-checked out subproject wasn't clean - that was just a total thinko in the code (we were checking the filesystem mode against S_IFDIRLNK, which obviously cannot work, since S_IFDIRLINK is a git-internal state, not a filesystem state). It then re-sends the two patches on top of that, with the fix for checking out superprojects (we should *not* mess up any existing subproject directories, certainly not remove them - if we already have a directory in the place where we now want a subproject, we should leave it well alone!) The first one really is a fix, and it makes the commit commentary about a remaining bug in the patch I sent out yesterday go away.
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