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authorTaylor Blau <>2020-09-09 15:22:44 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2020-09-09 19:51:48 (GMT)
commit4f3644056ad2b4c46ed0bcce72f5a1eb5b92bd7f (patch)
tree8260653066ec8e0b14769325552b180e1f68c24d /blame.c
parentdc04167d378fb29d30e1647ff6ff51dd182bc9a3 (diff)
commit-graph: introduce 'get_bloom_filter_settings()'
Many places in the code often need a pointer to the commit-graph's 'struct bloom_filter_settings', in which case they often take the value from the top-most commit-graph. In the non-split case, this works as expected. In the split case, however, things get a little tricky. Not all layers in a chain of incremental commit-graphs are required to themselves have Bloom data, and so whether or not some part of the code uses Bloom filters depends entirely on whether or not the top-most level of the commit-graph chain has Bloom filters. This has been the behavior since Bloom filters were introduced, and has been codified into the tests since a759bfa9ee (t4216: add end to end tests for git log with Bloom filters, 2020-04-06). In fact, t4216.130 requires that Bloom filters are not used in exactly the case described earlier. There is no reason that this needs to be the case, since it is perfectly valid for commits in an earlier layer to have Bloom filters when commits in a newer layer do not. Since Bloom settings are guaranteed in practice to be the same for any layer in a chain that has Bloom data, it is sufficient to traverse the '->base_graph' pointer until either (1) a non-null 'struct bloom_filter_settings *' is found, or (2) until we are at the root of the commit-graph chain. Introduce a 'get_bloom_filter_settings()' function that does just this, and use it instead of purely dereferencing the top-most graph's '->bloom_filter_settings' pointer. While we're at it, add an additional test in t5324 to guard against code in the commit-graph writing machinery that doesn't correctly handle a NULL 'struct bloom_filter *'. Co-authored-by: Derrick Stolee <> Signed-off-by: Taylor Blau <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/blame.c b/blame.c
index 82fa16d..3e5f878 100644
--- a/blame.c
+++ b/blame.c
@@ -2891,16 +2891,18 @@ void setup_blame_bloom_data(struct blame_scoreboard *sb,
const char *path)
struct blame_bloom_data *bd;
+ struct bloom_filter_settings *bs;
if (!sb->repo->objects->commit_graph)
- if (!sb->repo->objects->commit_graph->bloom_filter_settings)
+ bs = get_bloom_filter_settings(sb->repo);
+ if (!bs)
bd = xmalloc(sizeof(struct blame_bloom_data));
- bd->settings = sb->repo->objects->commit_graph->bloom_filter_settings;
+ bd->settings = bs;
bd->alloc = 4;
bd->nr = 0;