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Merge branch 'master' into ph/strbuf
* master: (94 commits) Fixed update-hook example allow-users format. Documentation/git-svn: updated design philosophy notes t/t4014: test "am -3" with mode-only change. Shell script cleanup preserve executable bits in zip archives Fix lapsus in builtin-apply.c git-push: documentation and tests for pushing only branches git-svnimport: Use separate arguments in the pipe for git-rev-parse contrib/fast-import: add perl version of simple example contrib/fast-import: add simple shell example rev-list --bisect: Bisection "distance" clean up. rev-list --bisect: Move some bisection code into best_bisection. rev-list --bisect: Move finding bisection into do_find_bisection. Document ls-files --with-tree=<tree-ish> git-commit: partial commit of paths only removed from the index git-commit: Allow partial commit of file removal. send-email: make message-id generation a bit more robust git-apply: fix whitespace stripping git-gui: Disable native platform text selection in "lists" apply --index-info: fall back to current index for mode changes ...
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