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Merge branch 'master' of git://
* 'master' of git:// git-p4: Added support for automatically importing newly appearing perforce branches. git-p4: Cleanup; moved the (duplicated) code for turning a branch into a git ref (for example foo -> refs/remotes/p4/<project>/foo) into a separate method. git-p4: Cleanup; moved the code for the initial #head or revision import into a separate function, out of git-p4: Cleanup; Turn self.revision into a function local variable (it's not used anywhere outside the function). git-p4: Cleanup; moved the code to import a list of p4 changes using fast-import into a separate member function of P4Sync. git-p4: Cleanup; moved the code for getting a sorted list of p4 changes for a list of given depot paths into a standalone method. git-p4: After submission to p4 always synchronize from p4 again (into refs/remotes). Whether to rebase HEAD or not is still left as question to the end-user. git-p4: Always call 'p4 sync ...' before submitting to Perforce.
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