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git-gui: Updated todo list.
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Items outstanding:
- * Checkout $PARENT version to working directory, overwriting current
- version. ($PARENT is HEAD, except when amending).
* Add file to .gitignore or info/excludes.
* Populate the pull menu with local branches.
* Make use of the new default merge data stored in repo-config.
- * Indicate what the current branch is.
* Checkout or create a different local branch.
* Delete a local branch.
@@ -37,3 +32,18 @@ Items outstanding:
parse that file and generate the options dialog from
the documentation itself, and include the help text
from the documentation as part of the UI somehow.
+Known bugs:
+ * git-gui sometimes just closes on Windows with no error message.
+ I'm not sure what the problem is here. I suspect the wish
+ process is just terminating due to a segfault or something,
+ as the do_quit proc in git-gui doesn't run. It often seems to
+ occur while writing a commit message in the buffer. Odd.
+ * At one point after using git-gui for a while to make many commits
+ to a repository I reverted one file through git-gui and another
+ manually in my editor; during commit git-gui crashed with an
+ error about the icon name it was trying to update no longer
+ existed in the widget. I suspect something didn't update right
+ in file_states...