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[PATCH] mkdelta enhancements (take 2)
Although it was described as such, git-mkdelta didn't really attempt to find the best delta against any previous object in the list, but was only able to create a delta against the preceeding object. This patch reworks the code to fix that limitation and hopefully makes it a bit clearer than before, including fixing the delta loop detection which was broken. This means that git-mkdelta sha1 sha2 sha3 sha4 sha5 sha6 will now create a sha2 delta against sha1, a sha3 delta against either sha2 or sha1 and keep the best one, a sha4 delta against either sha3, sha2 or sha1, etc. The --max-behind argument limits that search for the best delta to the specified number of previous objects in the list. If no limit is specified it is unlimited (note: it might run out of memory with long object lists). Also added a -q (quiet) switch so it is possible to have 3 levels of output: -q for nothing, -v for verbose, and if none of -q nor -v is specified then only actual changes on the object database are shown. Finally the git-deltafy-script has been updated accordingly, and some bugs fixed (thanks to Stephen C. Tweedie for spotting them). This version has been toroughly tested and I think it is ready for public consumption. Signed-off-by: Nicolas Pitre <> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
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