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docs: Update install-doc-quick
The preformatted documentation pages live in their own repositories these days. Adjust the installation procedure to the updated layout. Tested-by: Stefan Naewe <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -139,34 +139,11 @@ Issues of note:
uses some compatibility wrappers to work on AsciiDoc 8. If you have
AsciiDoc 7, try "make ASCIIDOC7=YesPlease".
- Alternatively, pre-formatted documentation is available in
- "html" and "man" branches of the git repository itself. For
- example, you could:
- $ mkdir manual && cd manual
- $ git init
- $ git fetch-pack git:// man html |
- while read a b
- do
- echo $a >.git/$b
- done
- $ cp .git/refs/heads/man .git/refs/heads/master
- $ git checkout
- to checkout the pre-built man pages. Also in this repository:
- $ git checkout html
- would instead give you a copy of what you see at:
There are also "make quick-install-doc", "make quick-install-man"
and "make quick-install-html" which install preformatted man pages
- and html documentation.
- This does not require asciidoc/xmlto, but it only works from within
- a cloned checkout of git.git with these two extra branches, and will
- not work for the maintainer for obvious chicken-and-egg reasons.
+ and html documentation. To use these build targets, you need to
+ clone two separate git-htmldocs and git-manpages repositories next
+ to the clone of git itself.
It has been reported that docbook-xsl version 1.72 and 1.73 are
buggy; 1.72 misformats manual pages for callouts, and 1.73 needs