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* master: (166 commits) git-apply --binary: clean up and prepare for --reverse Fix detection of ipv6 on Solaris Look for sockaddr_storage in sys/socket.h Solaris has strlcpy() at least since version 8 git-apply --reverse: simplify reverse option. t4116 apply --reverse test Make sha1flush void and remove conditional return. Make upload_pack void and remove conditional return. Make track_tree_refs void. Make pack_objects void. Make fsck_dir void. Make checkout_all void. Make show_entry void Make pprint_tag void and cleans up call in cmd_cat_file. Remove combine-diff.c::uninteresting() read-cache.c cleanup http-push.c cleanup diff.c cleanup builtin-push.c cleanup builtin-grep.c cleanup ...
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@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ install" would not work.
Alternatively you can use autoconf generated ./configure script to
set up install paths (via config.mak.autogen), so you can write instead
- $ autoconf ;# as yourself if ./configure doesn't exist yet
+ $ make configure ;# as yourself
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr ;# as yourself
$ make all doc ;# as yourself
# make install install-doc ;# as root