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+v0.1, July 2005
+git-cvsimport-script - Import a CVS repository into git
+'git-cvsimport-script' [ -o <branch-for-HEAD> ] [ -h ] [ -v ]
+ [ -d <CVSROOT> ] [ -p <options-for-cvsps> ]
+ <CVS_module> [ <GIT_repository> ]
+Imports a CVS repository into git. It will either create a new
+repository, or incrementally import into an existing one.
+Spitting the CVS log into patch sets is done by 'cvsps'.
+At least version 2.1 is required.
+-d <CVSROOT>::
+ The root of the CVS archive. May be local (a simple path) or remote;
+ currently, only the :pserver: access method is supported.
+-o <branch-for-HEAD>::
+ The 'HEAD' branch from CVS is imported to the 'origin' branch within
+ the git repository, as 'HEAD' already has a special meaning for git.
+ Use this option if you want to import into a different branch.
+ Use '-o master' for continuing an import that was initially done by
+ the old cvs2git tool.
+-p <options-for-cvsps>::
+ Additional options for cvsps.
+ The options '-x' and '-A' are implicit and should not be used here.
+ If you need to pass multiple options, separate them with a comma.
+ Verbosity: let 'cvsimport' report what it is doing.
+ The CVS module you want to import. Relative to <CVSROOT>.
+ Typically this matches the real type of <object> but asking
+ for a type that can trivially dereferenced from the given
+ <object> is also permitted. An example is to ask for a
+ "tree" with <object> being a commit object that contains it,
+ or to ask for a "blob" with <object> being a tag object that
+ points at it.
+ Print a short usage message and exit.
+If '-v' is specified, the script reports what it is doing.
+Otherwise, success is indicated the Unix way, i.e. by simply exiting with
+a zero exit status.
+Written by Matthias Urlichs <>, with help from
+various participants of the git-list <>.
+Documentation by Matthias Urlichs <>.
+Part of the link:git.html[git] suite