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The seventh batch for 2.18
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -104,6 +104,35 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
custom "git-$command" that the end user has on the $PATH when using
newer version of bash.
+ * "git send-email" can sometimes offer confirmation dialog "Send this
+ email?" with choices 'Yes', 'No', 'Quit', and 'All'. A new action
+ 'Edit' has been added to this dialog's choice.
+ * With merge.renames configuration set to false, the recursive merge
+ strategy can be told not to spend cycles trying to find renamed
+ paths and merge them accordingly.
+ * "git status" learned to honor a new status.renames configuration to
+ skip rename detection, which could be useful for those who want to
+ do so without disabling the default rename detection done by the
+ "git diff" command.
+ * Command line completion (in contrib/) learned to complete pathnames
+ for various commands better.
+ * "git blame" learns to unhighlight uninteresting metadata from the
+ originating commit on lines that are the same as the previous one,
+ and also paint lines in different colors depending on the age of
+ the commit.
+ * Transfer protocol v2 learned to support the partial clone.
+ * When a short hexadecimal string is used to name an object but there
+ are multiple objects that share the string as the prefix of their
+ names, the code lists these ambiguous candidates in a help message.
+ These object names are now sorted according to their types for
+ easier eyeballing.
Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
@@ -232,6 +261,17 @@ Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
while doing its work, and shrinking its size helps the performance
quite a bit.
+ * The implementation of "git rebase -i --root" has been updated to use
+ the sequencer machinery more.
+ * Developer support update, by using BUG() macro instead of die() to
+ mark codepaths that should not happen more clearly.
+ * Developer support. Use newer GCC on one of the builds done at
+ to get more warnings and errors diagnosed.
+ * Conversion from uchar[20] to struct object_id continues.
Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.
@@ -382,6 +422,45 @@ Fixes since v2.17
HT by default. The problem is fixed by forcing 8-space tabs.
(merge 379805051d bc/asciidoctor-tab-width later to maint).
+ * Code clean-up to adjust to a more recent lockfile API convention that
+ allows lockfile instances kept on the stack.
+ (merge 0fa5a2ed8d ma/lockfile-cleanup later to maint).
+ * the_repository->index is not a allocated piece of memory but
+ repo_clear() indiscriminately attempted to free(3) it, which has
+ been corrected.
+ (merge 74373b5f10 nd/repo-clear-keep-the-index later to maint).
+ * Code clean-up to avoid non-standard-conformant pointer arithmetic.
+ (merge c112084af9 rs/no-null-ptr-arith-in-fast-export later to maint).
+ * Code clean-up to turn history traversal more robust in a
+ semi-corrupt repository.
+ (merge 8702b30fd7 jk/unavailable-can-be-missing later to maint).
+ * "git update-ref A B" is supposed to ensure that ref A does not yet
+ exist when B is a NULL OID, but this check was not done correctly
+ for pseudo-refs outside refs/ hierarchy, e.g. MERGE_HEAD.
+ * "git submodule update" and "git submodule add" supported the
+ "--reference" option to borrow objects from a neighbouring local
+ repository like "git clone" does, but lacked the more recent
+ invention "--dissociate". Also "git submodule add" has been taught
+ to take the "--progress" option.
+ (merge a0ef29341a cf/submodule-progress-dissociate later to maint).
+ * Update credential-netrc helper (in contrib/) to allow customizing
+ the GPG used to decrypt the encrypted .netrc file.
+ (merge 786ef50a23 lm/credential-netrc later to maint).
+ * "git submodule update" attempts two different kinds of "git fetch"
+ against the upstream repository to grab a commit bound at the
+ submodule's path, but it incorrectly gave up if the first kind
+ (i.e. a normal fetch) failed, making the second "last resort" one
+ (i.e. fetching an exact commit object by object name) ineffective.
+ This has been corrected.
+ (merge e30d833671 sb/submodule-update-try-harder later to maint).
* Other minor doc, test and build updates and code cleanups.
(merge 248f66ed8e nd/trace-with-env later to maint).
(merge 14ced5562c ys/bisect-object-id-missing-conversion-fix later to maint).
@@ -411,3 +490,4 @@ Fixes since v2.17
(merge 5356a3c354 ah/misc-doc-updates later to maint).
(merge 92c4a7a129 nd/completion-aliasfiletype-typofix later to maint).
(merge 58bd77b66a nd/pack-unreachable-objects-doc later to maint).
+ (merge 4ed79d5203 sg/t6500-no-redirect-of-stdin later to maint).