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Revert "core.abbrevguard: Ensure short object names stay unique a bit longer"
This reverts commit 72a5b561fc1c4286bc7c5b0693afc076af261e1f, as adding fixed number of hexdigits more than necessary to make one object name locally unique does not help in futureproofing the uniqueness of names we generate today. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -376,15 +376,6 @@ core.warnAmbiguousRefs::
If true, git will warn you if the ref name you passed it is ambiguous
and might match multiple refs in the .git/refs/ tree. True by default.
- Even though git makes sure that it uses enough hexdigits to show
- an abbreviated object name unambiguously, as more objects are
- added to the repository over time, a short name that used to be
- unique will stop being unique. Git uses this many extra hexdigits
- that are more than necessary to make the object name currently
- unique, in the hope that its output will stay unique a bit longer.
- Defaults to 0.
An integer -1..9, indicating a default compression level.
-1 is the zlib default. 0 means no compression,