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Merge branch 'ld/git-p4-updates'
"git p4" updates. * ld/git-p4-updates: git-p4: auto-size the block git-p4: narrow the scope of exceptions caught when parsing an int git-p4: raise exceptions from p4CmdList based on error from p4 server git-p4: better error reporting when p4 fails git-p4: add option to disable syncing of p4/master with p4 git-p4: disable-rebase: allow setting this via configuration git-p4: add options --commit and --disable-rebase
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@@ -149,6 +149,12 @@ To specify a branch other than the current one, use:
$ git p4 submit topicbranch
+To specify a single commit or a range of commits, use:
+$ git p4 submit --commit <sha1>
+$ git p4 submit --commit <sha1..sha1>
The upstream reference is generally 'refs/remotes/p4/master', but can
be overridden using the `--origin=` command-line option.
@@ -355,6 +361,19 @@ These options can be used to modify 'git p4 submit' behavior.
p4/master. See the "Sync options" section above for more
+--commit <sha1>|<sha1..sha1>::
+ Submit only the specified commit or range of commits, instead of the full
+ list of changes that are in the current Git branch.
+ Disable the automatic rebase after all commits have been successfully
+ submitted. Can also be set with git-p4.disableRebase.
+ Disable the automatic sync of p4/master from Perforce after commits have
+ been submitted. Implies --disable-rebase. Can also be set with
+ git-p4.disableP4Sync. Sync with origin/master still goes ahead if possible.
Rebase options
These options can be used to modify 'git p4 rebase' behavior.
@@ -676,6 +695,12 @@ git-p4.conflict::
Specify submit behavior when a conflict with p4 is found, as per
--conflict. The default behavior is 'ask'.
+ Do not rebase the tree against p4/master following a submit.
+ Do not sync p4/master with Perforce following a submit. Implies git-p4.disableRebase.
* Changesets from p4 are imported using Git fast-import.