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Merge branch 'jc/apply-whitespace'
* jc/apply-whitespace: ws_fix_copy(): move the whitespace fixing function to ws.c apply: do not barf on patch with too large an offset core.whitespace: cr-at-eol git-apply --whitespace=fix: fix whitespace fuzz introduced by previous run builtin-apply.c: pass ws_rule down to match_fragment() builtin-apply.c: move copy_wsfix() function a bit higher. builtin-apply.c: do not feed copy_wsfix() leading '+' builtin-apply.c: simplify calling site to apply_line() builtin-apply.c: clean-up apply_one_fragment() builtin-apply.c: mark common context lines in lineinfo structure. builtin-apply.c: optimize match_beginning/end processing a bit. builtin-apply.c: make it more line oriented builtin-apply.c: push match-beginning/end logic down builtin-apply.c: restructure "offset" matching builtin-apply.c: refactor small part that matches context
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--- a/Documentation/config.txt
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@@ -353,6 +353,10 @@ core.whitespace::
error (enabled by default).
* `indent-with-non-tab` treats a line that is indented with 8 or more
space characters as an error (not enabled by default).
+* `cr-at-eol` treats a carriage-return at the end of line as
+ part of the line terminator, i.e. with it, `trailing-space`
+ does not trigger if the character before such a carriage-return
+ is not a whitespace (not enabled by default).
Command aliases for the linkgit:git[1] command wrapper - e.g.